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Hi Guys & Girls,

When your looking for the very best possible training in all areas of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and of course my own unique & powerful one session treatment approach of Complete Mind Therapy then I am your obvious choice of trainer to help you become the best ever possible therapist that you could ever possibly become whilst saving you as much as many thousands of pounds on other inferior courses!

Indeed my unique one session treatment approach of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) is so effective in treating successfully most any person with most any problem you can ever imagine from A through to Z in a single treatment session that I have even been sought out by The Likes of Nik And Eva Speakman the stars of  Television’s “A Life Coach Less Ordinary” and Mind Coaches to A List Celebrities who acquired Legal Permission from me to use my “Complete Mind Therapy” approach and Non-Specific CMT Treatment Script when making their “YOUR KEY TO BECOMING THE BEST EVER YOU” as now sold worldwide and receiving rave reviews as illustrated at this link.

Over the years Jonathan Royle has trained personally with some of the biggest names in the Hypnotherapy – NLP and Psychological Treatment Industries and has discovered as a result of these experiences that he can quite honestly& literally GUARANTEE that you will find it IMPOSSIBLE  to find a more Comprehensive Mind Therapy Training Course which represents such remarkable value for money and ensures that after studying our materials you will then Never Ever Need to purchase any other DVD’s or materials ever again!

Indeed to that end grab your FREE 80 PAGE HYPNOTHERAPY SUCCESS REPORT right now from this link.

And I can also PERSONALLY GUARANTEE you that when you’ve attended one of my personal live training seminars that then you’ll never have to waste another penny on any other training course ever again as we teach you EVERYTHING  that you’ll ever need to know in order for you to turn Mind Therapy into a profitable and rewarding business!



“Undoubtedly one of the funniest, most intelligent and hugely entertaining presentations on hypnosis, NLP and therapy I have experienced. Go and see Jonathan – he will rock your beliefs, make you laugh out loud and probably outrage you. The hypnosis and NLP world needs more people like him. Jonathan Royle – APPROVED!”

“A few years ago I attended a training run by Paul McKenna, Michael Breen and Richard Bandler, it was good and I learned a lot but Jonathan Royle ‘s training course make’s them seem like old nannies! There is absolutely no time wasting or useless information and Royle’s unique manner of teaching makes everything very easy to learn and remember. This course is without doubt money well spent!”

“I have trained in NLP and Hypnosis with Paul McKenna, but found this course invaluable. It gives a great deal of information and is written in open, honest and easy to read manner, Jonathan keeps nothing back.  I highly recommend this to anyone interested in hypnotherapy or stage  hypnotism, no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert”

I am a qualified hypnotherapist with two diplomas on the subject. I have learned a number of things from you that neither of my previous courses taught me. This course has been excellent value and very worthwhile.

“Jonathan is a motivational and enthusiastic speaker and on these videos you will see what he was willing to share about how he goes about increasing his business! A week after the seminar my head is still buzzing, normally by now I’ve forgotten most of what I learnt, that’s a tribute to Jonathan as this course was head and shoulders above any of the crap I have been on before. Please don’t sell these videos Jonathan as I don’t want others to know where I got my ideas from!”

“I have purchased practically all of Royle’s DVD training courses and I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed in either quality of content or volume of information taught! Because of my background in formal education I was originally drawn to studying with a recognised training provider, members of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC). My training with them was excellent, however it was greatly enhanced by Jonathan Royle s material and indeed Royle’s material was excellent and far superior to the recognised course. His therapy skills are equal if not greater than the majority of therapists I have met to date and he teaches everything he knows in an open and honest manner. We need people like Royle to raise the profile of Hypnosis and I would recommend his courses to anyone who wants to become a better Hypnotist!”

“To witness the ability of Jonathan to literally pull a guy backwards without touching him, speaking to him and with no notice was truly amazing.   And the work he did on Sunday with two people who had quite clearly painful issues was tremendous.
Genuine empathy, love of fellow man and an unselfish heartfelt desire to help are not traits I would normally associate with Jonathan, but that’s exactly what I witnessed at the weekend.  It’s a shame not everyone could be there to witness such a fantastic weekend. But it will remain with me forever”

“Having previously done a more conventional “approved” NLP course which took many days and cost lots of money, I would have said it was impossible to learn NLP in just two days! However after attending Royle’s course I can honestly say that this is exactly what he does and he also teaches you what you need to know about clinical Hypnosis and his own approach of Complete Mind Therapy, in short these DVD’s are a worthwhile investment!”

“The course was well worth the cost, Royle’s training skills were absolutely fabulous and I’d recommend the DVD’s of the event to everybody!”

“This course was excellent, Royle really knows his stuff, is an entertaining teacher and best of all can actually demonstrate everything he teaches. I have previously done an ANLP “approved” training course and would recommend these home study DVD’s to anyone wanting to learn real NLP & Hypnosis”

“Royle’s Training Provides an honest, down to earth, no bullsh*t approach, his training skills are second to none and he teaches everything in an easy to understand, entertaining and often funny manner, you can only benefit by buying these home study DVD’s”

“Royle’s training skills are honest and this course is highly recommended to anyone who truly wants to become a far better therapist!”

“Thank you for a truly great training weekend, I really learnt a lot, you packed so much valuable information into the two days it was excellent value for money”

“At first Jonathan’s style of training blows your mind, loud, proud, profanity is everywhere! But watch these videos you must because you will learn a huge amount of stuff and by the end you’ll love his style! I applaud his level of honesty as to the true secrets of how Hypnotist’s work!”

“Honest, Informative, Fun & Controversial are all word’s I’d use to describe Royle’s seminar. He knows so much and teaches things in a way that makes it so easy to learn. You’ll discover everything you’ll need to get started and become a Hypnotic Success!”

“The course contains much unique material, which as far as I know is not taught anywhere else and will certainly make you a better Hypnotist and Therapist, especially when presenting any public demonstrations!”

“I learned a tremendous amount about all sorts of ways of making money, how to get more clients and the right way to approach them! Royle is very honest, outspoken and controversial, he kept me entertained and interested for the full two days and had 100’s of useful tips to impart. In short I would recommend the videos of Royles May 2004 Hypnotic Marketing Success Videos to everybody as they are much better value and contain more information than any other similar seminar or training I’ve’ ever been on!”

“Royle’s Hypnotic Training Materials are well worth studying!”

“For Hypnotherapists who want to learn real world, tried, tested and proven to work marketing, advertising and promotion techniques to maximise their business and profits, I would recommend Royles Secrets of Hypnotic Success Series!”

“Having watched Royles There’s No Such Thing as Hypnosis DVD Home Study Course we would say that his training skills and knowledge are second to none! He is down to earth, his demonstrations and teachings are excellent and full of tricks of the trade which you will not find elsewhere! If you desire to become a Hypnotherapist or Stage Hypnotist then you need these DVDS and even if that’s your job already you’ll learn lots of new techniques here!”

“The only regret I have about buying Jonathan Royle’s Compilation CD-ROM for £177-00 UK Sterling, is that I did not do it sooner! If I had got this earlier in my career I would now be a far more powerful and richer Hypnotist! The price he charges (£177) for this Compilation CD-ROM is way too low, he should charge $800 or more, I would. Bottom line is his stuff is hot and very good, you will never regret buying
any Jonathan Royle training products!”

“I have been a therapist since 1986 now and this Hypnosis training seminar of Mr Royle’s has a no nonsense down to earth approach which will shock some people, but the quality and quantity of information enclosed in these videos goes beyond any one course I have ever taken! His sense of humour and marketing techniques are useful both for the Therapist and Stage Performer and his Complete Mind Therapy brings together an infusion of some of the most powerful techniques available today and I shall be using it in my own healing clinic. He tells it as it is with no bull, this is refreshing to see, his knowledge is multi-facetted and he shares his wealth of knowledge in these videos!”

“Having studied the training materials which accompany your courses, it is now my great pleasure to make you an honouree member of The South African Association of Hypnotists and a life member of The South African Academy of Hypnosis! This is your just reward for all the work you have put into Hypnosis, you have been acknowledged, elevated and exalted! This is indeed a wonderful time for the art of Hypnosis!” – MR MAX KAAN – SOUTH AFRICA –

“Just a short note to say how much Andrew and myself enjoyed our training day with you! The day was great fun and very comprehensive, and having read through the course handouts and post course materials I have been amazed at the depth of coverage you have included. We both now feel more confident and more informed as a result of attending the course. We enjoyed your style of training, highly recommended – it was a truly great learning experience”

“I have commented to you before how your DVD seminars have helped me in my work and that I have found them cost effective  being a  parent with a young family and limited income coming into the home.   Although the main area I work in is being a spiritual medium and life coach and Reiki Master, your DVD course has widened my horizons and given me more tools to work with, with any client that I have and that can only be a good thing.  I have found your DVDs to be full of information and actually quite funny and light hearted, which I believe makes for better learning.  I previously spent FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS doing a psychotherapy course which just baffled me and was boring and yet spending only a small percentage of that with yourself, I learned a hell of a lot more!!!!  So it just shows ya! So value for money, informative, and a little light hearted fun at the same time.  Your DVD seminars have helped me incredibly in my work.”
LORNA HOGARTH – (England) – 

“Royle has a straightforward approach, there is a wealth of knowledge and intelligence taught during this course and I’d recommend you to get them!”

“Royle’s Unique Hypnosis Marketing Techniques are worth the entire price of this video training seminar course alone! Add on the other techniques you will learn and these videos represent the bargain of a lifetime – you owe it to yourself to order these one of a kind information packed videos right now!”

“I have only just begun to read what promises to be a rather complete and well written treatise on all aspects of Hypnosis!”

“Don’t delay if you are serious about learning the true inside secrets of Hypnosis, NLP & Complete Mind Therapy then buy these DVDS”

You are the World’s best Hypnosis Trainer! I just wanted you to know that I got my latest package from you yesterday! I plan to use the money I make with your products to fund my real estate deals! This is my year and its time! The one thing I have noticed in all but 1 hypnosis training course. Nobody has a script to be a confident hypnotherapist except 1 person and that person is you! Thanks Again
Jerome Johnson – Http://

I am rather late with this as I have been busy putting into practice what I learned but I wanted to say what a great weekend it was. Absolutely packed with useable information (as opposed to the sort
that sounds great on the day and is totally useless in the cold light of the next day), inspiring and thought provoking. Thanks to Jonathan and his team.

Hello to all those of you who are unsure whether or not to attend a seminar or purchase a product from Jonathan Royle, I am here to put your mind at rest, I have attended numerous seminars and purchased

many of Jonathan’s products and I have to say you will not get to the nitty gritty quicker than with Jonathan’s products and services. Jonathan’s experience in this arena is second to none and even the

experts in the field consult with him when they are unsure of certain things. Some may not like his teaching style but he holds nothing back and all I can say is I have learnt so much from him and for which I am sincerely grateful. His style is not for everyone, his language is offensive on occasions but that is his style. All I can say is try it and see what you think !

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