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Having made his very first Television appearance aged 8 on Granada TV in his former guise as Flap the Clown, Royle made his Radio debut as a Hypnotherapist in 1989 aged 14 followed by his National Television debut as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist in 1993 aged just 17.

Over the decades he has been featured on Television Shows all around the World from Morning Magazine Shows & Daily News Programmes, to Celebrity Chat Shows & Daytime Talk & Debate Shows on the one hand through to Late Night Variety Entertainment Programmes and Serious Investigative Documentary’s on the other.

He has been involved in them all, and consequently has extensive experience of both Live Television and also Pre-recorded projects.

As well as appearing on screen, Royle has also acted as a Hypnosis, Magical & Mentalism adviser for some of the Worlds Most Famous name Television Hypnotists, Life Coaches & Mind Control Performers.

Hypnotically he is at the top of his game and such is his experience and expertise, that he is able to bring to reality on screen for your project things that the vast majority of other Hypnotists would consider impossible.

In the first video clip below you can see Royle in his former stage name of Alex-Le-Roy when in January 1993 aged Just 17 (not 18 as they wrongly stated on the show) he appeared on Channel Four’s Cult Television Show “The Word” alongside Fellow World Famous Hypnotist Peter Powers.

The next video shows a “Behind the Cameras” view of Royle being filmed for the “Television Without Frontiers” four part TV Series project in Sweden during late 2018.

To date Royle has appeared on literally 100’s of Live and Pre-Recorded Television Shows around the world both with his skills as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist and Mind Reader as well as his talents in Hypnotherapy.

Indeed Royle dares to tread where other Hypnotists are scared to go and is able to make even the Hypnotically seemingly impossible become reality for your television project as he did for Channel Fives Gadget Show.

Whether for a Serious examination of Hypnosis and Related Mind Powers or for a more Comical Light Hearted approach, Royle should be your first choice every-time.

Royle is also equally at home as the star of his own Television Show Projects.

And when you need a Television or Radio Presenter who has unrivalled Knowledge, Skill and Experience in all areas of Hypnotherapy, NLP & Mind Therapy, Entertainment Stage Hypnosis or Mind Control Mentalism & Mind Magic then Royle Should be your first consideration.

During the early to Mid 90’s Royle in a host of names and disguises established himself at the time as “Britain’s Biggest Ever Television and Media Prankster” full details of which along with his attempt back in 1998 to expose the dishonest & illegal techniques of Rupert Murdoch’s Former Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood can be seen here at this link:

Television & Media Companies often want Royle to demonstrate his Hypnotic Skills out and about on the Streets and in Public Places, this being something he is very experienced with as shown here:

Indeed Royle has Mastered approaches that enable him to meet Complete Strangers without any Pre-Show or Off Camera work and within next to no time he is able to demonstrate the Power of Hypnosis like this:

Although a master of Comedy Stage Hypnosis, Street Hypnotism and Hypnotherapy, Royle is also a leading authority in Mind Control, Brainwashing Techniques & Social Engineering & Conditioning and has contributed to feature length documentary’s on such matters.

Indeed he has even been engaged as the main on Screen Television Presenter for such projects like this:

During the early to Mid 90’s Royle appeared on 100’s of TV Shows around the world and at the time, established himself as Britain’s Biggest Ever Media Prankster, the true story of how he was paid by TV Shows to be truly Outrageous, Controversial and Shocking whilst Fabricating the most ridiculous of stories is explained about half way down the page at this link –

At that link you will also discover the truth behind how Royle was dubbed during the 90’s as “Europe’s Most Outrageous Comedy Hypnotist” and how, Hypnotist Ken Webster, the Chairman of The Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists (FESH) at the time declared that Royle in his former stage name of Alex-Leroy just took things way too far…

To See Videos of Royle Successfully Treating Peoples Problems with his Mind Therapy & NLP Hypnotherapy Talents within minutes check out this link –

In the video above Uri Geller is indeed correct in stating that the Hypnotic Rape Routine I did back in 1994 aged just 18 was fully engineered as a purposeful publicity gaining stunt, which in that regards worked extremely well as illustrated in this next clip.

The truth is the Lady in question was a paid actress who I had employed for the stunt, was fully aware of what was going to take place and thus was 100% Safe in all ways at all times.

You see in the early to mid 90’s when I was just 18 and for several years after that Television Shows around the world would employ my services and pay me to purposely be Outrageous and to wind up the audience when it was a debate show such as those in the clips above and below.

However I have also featured on News, Current Affairs and other Styles of TV Shows around the world in my role as a Serious Expert and Knowledgeable Teacher and Exponent of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis & Street Hypnotism.

Indeed although only 18 in the clip below I was even back then holding my own against far older “experts” in the fields of the Human Mind.

So whether you are a Independent Television Production Company, TV Station or established programme looking for a Serious Hypnotherapist, a Modern day style Life Coach or a Maverick Stage Svengali, Royle can and has successfully been featured in all of these roles on numerous shows and stations around the world for over 3 decades.

Royle is also available to take part in Comedy Sketch Shows, Topical News Programmes and other Television Projects where a good sense of Humour is required as illustrated by the clip above where he was featured with the Scripted and Fabricated Story of being a Snail Collector.

This clip above being just one of many examples where Royle in various names with all manner of Comical Stories has been featured, especially throughout the 90’s on TV & Radio Shows around the World as he earned his title of “Britain’s Biggest Ever Media Prankster” as illustrated further about half way down the blog page at

Royle’s Skills and Talents of Comedy Mind Reading & Bizarre Psychic Fortune Telling & Entertainment have also seen him featured on many Television shows.

Indeed it is not just TV Shows that have regularly featured Royle and his varied Talents, he has also been a regular on Radio Shows around the World, even having conducted a Comedy Hypnosis Show on Kerrang Radio as per the video above.

Royle has even combined his Magical, Psychic Style, Comedy and Hypnosis Talents together when working on such things as his European Television Series “Life In The Bus Lane” details of which can be seen along with videos at

During Late 2019, Royle was the Presenter and Expert Consultant on a Documentary about Brainwashing, Mind Control & Conspiracy Theory’s entitled “Extreme Danger – Extreme Hypnosis” fuller details of which can be seen at

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