Psychic & Mentalism Student Testimonials

Hi Guys & Girls,

When you desire to learn the cutting edge techniques of Psychic Style Mentalism and Magical Cold Reading you need look no further than Jonathan Royle who as well as having taught a large majority of the successful working Stage Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists in the World today has also achieved great success in teaching people the arts of Psychic Style Entertainment.

Here are a few example comments that have been written about Royle’s Various Magic – Mentalism & Psychic Style Entertainment Training Seminars, Books, Products and DVD’s:

“A collection sure to upset many Mentalists and Psychic Entertainers with its revelations and details!” 

“This is interesting, Strange, but interesting. In fact I think that it is the strangest book on Mentalism that I have ever read”

“This is a decent quality release. I love the effect, I am happy with the method and pleasantly surprised at the level of detail in the PDF. The effect on the audience is that they have experienced the perfect Berglas Effect. As the author points out to achieve that there must be a compromise, there is no Holy Grail. The benefits of the compromise used far outweigh the drawbacks. The effect is written up clearly with good explanation and justification for the simple moves that make it work. It is in my mind best used as a stage effect with three people who do not know each other but could be used in other environments. All in all this is a nice piece of work. Well referenced and definitely worth the money”

“I had the privilege of attending Jonathan’s Royle’s seminar in Manchester over the weekend of 4th April 2009 and once again it was filled with nuggets of information that was worth 1000 times the cost of the course. Jonathan’s cuts through the rubbish and delivers the information you really need to know with step by step instructions on how to do it.  If you want to know the true secrets of how to make a fortune in this business you must book his next seminar. Jonathan always over delivers and I highly recommend his products and seminars.” 
Sue Barker –

“I attended the April Seminar with some curiosity as I did not know anybody and wondered if I would be out of my depth. How wrong could I be, the whole seminar was great, everybody was nice and apart from learning a lot we all had such fun.  Apart from excellent demonstrations from Jonathan Royle, we also had the pleasure of Robert Temple, both showing us some excellent new hypnotic methods. The sessions were filmed and I believe that they could be the best DVD’s that have been produced yet and I am looking forward  to seeing them and restudying some of the items. Last but not least the whole event was fantastic value for money and is highly recommended to everybody.” 
Colin Anderson –

“I am a full time practitioner of various types of alternative medicine for the past 30 years. Myself and my wife Olga, who is a medical consultant of many years standing, (but currently also engaged in alternative approaches to healing), attended your training course and we were really very pleased. The see-saw induction alone made the weekend worthwhile. We got a very good vibe from you and your colleagues and were impressed with your attention to detail. A first class training course, and we’ve been to hundreds! And really good value. Your generous supply of DVD’s and other materials was well appreciated.”
Ronnie and Olga Turner –

“Jonathan Royle, unconventional hypnotist and mind magician, has been a controversial personality throughout most of his unusual and varied career. But he knows his stuff. Last weekend I was one of a small group of people from a range of disciplines who attended his Mind Magic two-day seminar in Manchester. The group included magicians, hypnotists, therapists, and NLP practitioners, which made for interesting discussions in the bar…
Contributing to the seminar was Robert Temple who demonstrated and explained his incredible See-Saw Induction technique. If you do any form of hypnosis — stage, street (?) or clinical — I strongly recommend you check out the Royle/Temple 3-DVD set which contains over 5 hours of training plus workbooks on stage hypnosis.
The seminar covered magical (’mind reading’) techniques and routines as well as hypnotic techniques. The intention was to provide those attending with the building blocks to apply the techniques and develop routines and applications to suit their own specific requirements. I’ve certainly attended nothing quite like it. (And I mean that in a good way!)This training, I’m sure, is invaluable to anyone who wishes to work in the fascinating field of mind magic.” 
Russell J. Hall –

“I had a great weekend. Now that you have revealed the secrets of the stage mentalists, I’ll never be able to watch one of those shows again without telling everyone around me that I know how they do that. Brilliant seminar – thanks a lot!”
David Shipman –

“I have no doubt that the younger magicians will take to it like ducks to water. I congratulate you on the infinite trouble you have taken to provide the Full Monty.  Despite being a very tentative first performance it went down very well at The Magic Circle Summer School. Many thanks for your contribution to Summer School and I hope it (Mobile Magic) sells well”
JACK DELVIN – (Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle – London – England) –

“Thanks for “The Holy Grail of Mentalism”. There is some seriously good thinking here, I particularly like the section on how to create “real miracles”. I have always believed that truly inexplicable mentalism is only achieved by going that extra mile; you obviously believe the same”

“The methods that Jonathan explains are both practical and professional and indeed for the modern publicity and success seeking Psychic Entertainer they should prove invaluable! Royle made his name almost a household word in the UK and in his book he generously reveals his bizarre and unique methods, for the very first time! I feel that all Mentalists, Psychics and Hypnotists can learn much from his modern & pioneering approach!”

“Mr Royles suggestions, advice and routines are solid, practical and seem to be grounded in experience! Someone who tried this approach would probably recoup their investment quite quickly and its true to say that Jonathan Royle has used the techniques he reveals to garner an awful lot of Publicity”

His knowledge emanates from the page, and enthuses the reader with new ideas, principles and concepts that would otherwise have not been apparent. The originality of thought that he injects into each stage of the courses he has written, means that any purchaser simply has to attempt the techniques which are contained inside, to be assured of success.

Well done man! Fantastic!!!!!!!!! This has to PROVE that your stuff is phenomenal!!!!!
BOBSER – (On Forum) – 

“Some of my own favourite material and ruses are in this book – it’s a steal!”

And REMEMBER – Jonathan Royle has also been sought out to teach, help, perform with and/or advise some of the worlds biggest Television Name Hypnotists (and also MENTALIST’S) as illustrated here:

He has also acted as a Magical and Conjuring Advisor to Television Magician’s including SIMON DRAKE  – whom with the help of magical colleagues Jamie Allan and David Arkay, Royle in his former name of Alex-Leroy was able to help devise and supply the unique method of IMPALED ILLUSION  as used by Simon Drake on his “SECRET CABERET” live UK Tour and also on The Iron Maiden Raising Hell Farewell Tour and Internationally Networked television concert as illustrated by this video: