Guest Speaker

Jonathan Royle has travelled the World as a Guest Speaker for a wide variety of events and indeed his Unique Presentations could prove ideal for your next Event or Convention.

Whether it is to present a Specialised Lecture or Conduct a Full Length Workshop on any area of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stage/Street Hypnosis, Personal Development and/or Peak Performance, Jonathan Royle should be your first choice every time.

His Presentations on Extreme Wealth Development and Effective Advertising, Marketing, Publicity and Promotional Strategies and Techniques are also always enthusiastically received given his unique Psychological, Hypnotic and Persuasion insights and experiences in these areas that could benefit you and your business immensely.

And his Key Note Speeches which are always tailored to suit your individual needs are targeted with the Psychological Precision of a Skilled Surgeon to Motivate and Inspire your Workforce with maximum results.

Royle is also able to offer Lecture Demonstrations of how and why Hypnosis, NLP and related techniques really work for Psychology Conferences and Student Events.

Copies of his Various Hypnotherapy, NLP & Related Treatment Qualifications & Diplomas Can be Seen at The Following Links:

Royle is also able to provide suitable entertainment for your events of which details can be found elsewhere on this site.

To discuss your Specific Requirements contact us today on or 07956 323339