Group Therapy

Jonathan Royle is able to offer a truly Unrivalled Group Hypnotherapy Experience and due to the nature of his own unique approach of Complete Mind Therapy this means that most any person with most any issue from A through to Z could change their life for the better within the course of this approx. Two Hour (Including a short Interval) Group Treatment Session.

Such an event is both potentially life changing for the participants and is also structured to also be both Educational and Entertaining.

No License, Permissions or Permits are required to stage such an event and Royle is prepared to present such either for an all-inclusive pre agreed fee or for a percentage of the box office dependant on venue size and location.

Although intended for large venues, these Group Sessions can also be booked for Large House Party’s where for example a group of at least 6 friends all have something they wish to overcome or improve using the power of hypnosis.

Copies of his Various Hypnotherapy, NLP & Related Treatment Qualifications & Diplomas Can be Seen at The Following Links:

To discuss things further and to arrange an event in your area contact us today via or 07956 323339.